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The Davidson County Election Commission has provided the link below from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury.  Enter your address and you can see the old and new districts.

The Tennessee Republican Assembly is our state chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. We are a grassroots organization committed to helping our state Republican Assemblies reform the Republican Party to achieve their goal of a constitutional government. If you believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and Constitutional values, then the TRA is for you.

Our aim is to Reclaim the Republican Party for Conservatives, Reform the Party back to its Conservative Values, and Restore Republicans faith in the GOP. We don't need a third party. We need to return the Republican Party to its pro-Constitution roots.

We are the  Republican wing of the Republican Party, the home of the Frederick Douglass Republicans, and "The conscience of the Republican Party." President Ronald Reagan. Founded in 1934 some have called the TEA Party before there was a TEA Party. We support true Republican candidates, endorse in primaries and work to restore the Republican Party to the values and principles of the Party of Reagan.

So join the TRA today!

The best symbol of the grassroots worker I can think of is the Republican Assembly...[NFRA's] thousands of dedicated men and women are the ones who turn all those modernistic campaign devices into real votes.

— President Ronald Reagan


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